War of the Currents (2013)

War of the Currents depicts the epic struggle between two bitter rivals, Nikola Tesla and Thomas Edison, for the very fate of mankind.

Nearly a year in the making, War of the Currents is a high-action, platforming, beat ‘em up set in New York City at the height of an era colloquially known as the War of the Currents. Tesla is pitted against his archenemy, the villainous Thomas Edison, with the fate of New York City and possibly the entire future hanging in the balance. With inspiration taken from both classic science fiction and Lovecraftian mythos, War of the Currents attempts to deliver a unique thematic experience as Tesla dons the mantle of the unlikely hero. Fighting from the rooftops to the dark crypts beneath the city, Nikola Tesla will struggle to keep not only his city, but also his sanity in one piece.

War of the Currents was my Sophomore DigiPen project and marks the fourth game developed by Muffin Express. It has been our largest and most difficult undertaking to date, containing: original music, hundreds of art assets, cut scenes, VO, six levels, and one damned epic boss fight (if we do say so ourselves)!

[Download War of the Currents

Platform: Windows PC
Genre: Action, Beat 'em Up, Platformer
Team: Bernard Hwang (Design), Chris Morris (Design), Jessica Alves (Concept Art/Animation), Joe Arroyo(Programming/Music/Producer), Joseph Erskine (Programming/Art/UI), Konstantin Udovickij (Programming), Kylie Bishop (Concept Art/Animation), Nathan Hitchcock (Programming/Design), Nikk Golesh (Programming/Tools/Design)
Development Time: Approx. 48 Weeks