Lost Moon (2013)

Lost Moon is an experiment in guiding a player through a dark, cavernous environment. Using ambient audio, lighting, and triggers to evoke a particular mood and enhance the sense of discovery and wonder.

Lost Moon was a first-person level building exercise, with a focus on use of 3D-space. This project did not require any gameplay to speak of and required minimal programming. With the built in first-person controller and camera included with Unity, I only had to write simple event triggers for playing audio and ending the game. The bulk of the work consisted of creating the layout, finding suitable assets, then constructing, decorating, and lighting the environment. This project marked the first time that I had ever used Unity or done any 3D level design and I discovered that I actually enjoy doing both quite a bit.

From the beginning, I wanted to attempt to play on the feeling of discovery, something that has been missing for me from games lately. In order to accomplish this, I wanted to convey a particular mood: creepy and mysterious, without being downright scary. I would be remiss if I didn't mention that Demon's Souls and Dark Souls played a part in inspiring this design and I am definitely quite pleased with how things turned out!

[Download  Lost Moon

Platform: Windows PC
Genre: First Person, Exploration
Team: Chris Morris (Design, Programming)
Development Time: 4 Weeks