Antivirus (2011)

Antivirus is a side-scrolling shooter set inside a corrupted computer mainframe.

Take on the role of an antivirus program, attempting to restore order to the system. Previously benevolent programs have been turned against you by the virus. It’s up to you free them and prevent the virus from taking down the entire network.

Antivirus was one of the first games developed by Muffin Express. It was built in conjunction with Firewall during the Fall of 2011 within the same eight-week period. The development process for this game was unique, as it was the team’s first time working together as well as everyone’s first time developing a full game.

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Platform: Windows PC
Genre: SHMUP
Team: Joe Arroyo (Programming), Shaina Anderson (Programming), Mark Valentine (Programming), 
Chris Morris (Design/Art), Fiona Siow (Art),
Music: Lee Rosevere Chapter Seven – Re-entry (2011)

Development Time: 8 Weeks